Garage Doors in New Ash Green

We supply, install, and repair a wide variety of garage door types and styles. We have an extensive selection available for our New Ash Green customers and can customise most of them to meet your specific requirements. All garage doors are of the highest quality and fitted by our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians.

Garage Door Repairs and Spares in New Ash Green

If your garage door develops a fault, be it a fallen runner or a snapped cable, make PBH Garage Doors Ltd your first (and only) port of call. Our technicians have the expertise to correct any damage or replace any broken components, whatever they might be. Why put yourself to the trouble, when you have the experts ready to help when you need them?

Your Local Garage Door Specialists

PBH Garage Doors is based in Dartford, Kent, less than 10 miles from our valued customers in New Ash Green. Our close proximity, combined with our knowledge of the area, means that our technicians will be at your property on time every time, for all garage door installations and repairs.

Automated Garage Doors in New Ash Green

Many of our New Ash Green customers choose to enjoy the benefits of an automated garage door. For some, it helps them with their mobility issues. For others, it makes getting in and out of their car safer and more secure or it’s simply a more convenient method of opening their garage doors. We can fit automated garage doors from scratch or upgrade your current model quickly and efficiently.

Up-and-over and Sectional Garage Doors in New Ash Green

Among the various types of garage door we supply in New Ash Green, up-and-over garage doors and sectional garage doors are perhaps the most popular. Both are designed around a front-facing metal panel – a singular one in the case of up-and-over models, and a set of hinged panels for the sectional doors. These are both hard-wearing, attractive to look at, and easy to maintain.

Front Doors in New Ash Green

Of course, it’s not just garage doors that we deal with. We can also install and repair your domestic front door, should you require it. We supply high-quality front doors from well-known and respected manufacturers. Our technicians install them with the same skill and care as they do with our garage door customers.

Roller Shutter and Side-Hinged Garage Doors in New Ash Green

Two other popular types of garage door are the side-hinged garage door and the roller shutter door. Offering distinct stylistic differences to their front-panelled counterparts, both types are known for being safe, secure, and easy to operate. We offer a wide selection of side-hinged and roller shutter doors to all New Ash Green customers.