Garage Doors in Orpington

Here at PBH Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on the quality products we supply to the people of Orpington. Every door is sourced from one of the industry’s biggest names and fitted by a professional garage door technician. We offer numerous styles and models, so finding the right one for your home will not be a problem.

Garage Door Repairs and Spares in Orpington

In the event of your garage door suffering damage, customers in Orpington can depend upon PBH Garage Doors to deal with it. From snapped garage door cables, to misaligned runners, and impact damage, we can handle it all. Where it is not possible to repair the damaged components, we can source the perfect replacement parts.

Your Local Garage Door Specialists

To get from our Dartford office to visit our customers in Orpington is a simple trip down the M25. If we don’t encounter any major traffic issues, we can handle it in under half an hour. That means a prompt and efficient service from a professional garage door technician, any time an Orpington customer hires us.

Automated Garage Doors in Orpington

Whether you choose them for security, mobility, or convenience, our automated garage doors are a popular choice among our Orpington customers. We can install a fully-automated electric garage door for you, or we can adapt your existing manual doors. Either way, you are assured a fantastic final product, ready to operate at the touch of a button.

Up-and-over and Sectional Garage Doors in Orpington

Up-and-over garage doors are what most Orpington residents would consider a ‘traditional’ garage door – one that slides up into the garage’s ceiling cavity on fixed runners. Sectional garage doors are much the same, only split into individual panels. Whichever type you prefer, we guarantee quality workmanship and customer service with every garage door we fit.

Front Doors in Orpington

As you would expect, garage doors make up most of our work, but the skills we have learned there cross over to domestic front doors. We have a broad range of steel, aluminium, composite front doors available for immediate purchase and installation. As professional fitters, we have decades of experience, ensuring a perfect fit.

Roller Shutter and Side-Hinged Garage Doors in Orpington

There are many reasons to choose our roller shutter doors or our side-hinged garage doors. Among our Orpington customers the most common ones are that they are so easy to operate. From an installation point of view, they are also incredibly simple to fit. All doors are ordered to measure, ensured a fast and effective installation.